Kenzaburo Oe, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, is internationally acclaimed as one of the most important and influential post-World War II. In the s, Kenzaburo Oe began regularly writing about a character based on his autistic son, Hikari. A Personal Matter, by Kenzaburo Oe. A Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe Kenzaburo Oe in A Personal Matter. “Bird, gazing down at the map of Africa that reposed in the showcase with the.

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Bird, on the other hand, was answerable only to the baby in the basket on his lap, to kenzaburro monster who governed his personal destiny. Deeply touching and whole heartedly personal. You and I exist in alternate different forms in countless other universes At each of those moments you survived in one universe and left your own corpse behind in another. There is no doubt in my mind that A Personal Matter is a skilfully executed piece of literature. Which is probably a healthy response.

I don’t know, but you wouldn’t be alone.

He is devastated by a sense of shame since he has just fathered a monster baby and feels trapped with unforeseen, or responsibilities.

The story is essentially an extreme study of morals within the main character, who is a tragic character who seems to have made unfortunate choices in marriage and employment, and has some awful things behind him in life.

Our anti-hero surprises us with resistance to such an easy mental out: His ex-girlfriend, Himiko, when not having sex with strangers, meditates z day on a ramifying quantum universe, and drives her MG sports car around all night, equally aimlessly.

A Personal Matter – Kenzaburo Oe, 大江健三郎 – Google Books

Bird’s aimlessness, his dreaming of Africa, his reluctance to commit, are all not unusual for a year old, and it mahter just be the extent of his tragedy that makes his wrestling with responsibility seem more crass than others. We should not be, but many times we are. View the Study Pack. Beyond that it seems to me impossible for a non-Japanese to comment.

It ultimately doesn’t matter whether the subject is gruesome, the main character completely despicable, the culture foreign or how kensaburo the material is, how much of the beguiling effect is owed to the translation I don’t know, but I assume that it is based on an outstanding original.

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Bird, the protagonist, has a situation that worries most q parents. Open Preview See a Problem? Meanwhile at Himiko’s he waits anxiously for a call from the hospital to learn of the baby’s kenaaburo. They are so realistic and developed without any complexity. Raw, truthful, crafted, deep, beautiful and, if not life-changing, at least it will make an impact in your heart. Whilst teaching, Bird suddenly becomes wildly nauseated and vomits in his classroom.

Por un lado me parece brillante, pero por otro terrible y horrible. Aug 26, Alex rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thus, A Personal Matterceases to be just about a personal matter somewhere.

The story is essentially an extreme study of morals within the main character, who is a tragic character wh This was the first book by Oe that I’ve read, and it was fantastic. It almost feels like somebody poking at and opening up our most secret, suppurating, psychological wounds and making them bleed all over again, thereby compelling us to wake up to the realization of their existence. The next morning, he receives word that the baby has been born, but there is something wrong with it.

And so we proceed to wrap them up in the protective wadding of false pretensions, carefully hiding them away from the scrutiny of the rest of the world and more importantly, ourselves.

What to make of a young man whose wife has just delivered their first baby while he was having a showdown with a street gang and who responds to his son’s physically appalling abnormality by going on a rampage of alcohol and sex, eagerly awaiting news of the persnal death?

Bird, the conspiring murderer. Oe explores how the individual in confronting life’s tragedies, in choosing his ideals and finding his “meaning,” overcomes humiliation and shame, gains self-definition, finds his destiny: Later, Bird visits his wife in the maternity hospital, facing down her accusations that he is probably planning to kkenzaburo both her and the baby whom she knows is ill in the same way as he abandoned his youthful natter, Kikuhiko, whose name she is planning to give their son.

A Personal Matter by Kenzaburō Ōe

Chapters 3 and 4. Chapter 7 and 8.

Would a very small part of you menzaburo, maybe it would be better for everyone if he didn’t survive? Bird says he would not like the operation to happen, and he takes the baby.


A Personal Matter

He finishes the bottle of whisky and passes out. Yet as this year’s. Bird is constantly faced by his failures and triggers for self-loathing.

Bird, the protagonist, wanders the streets aimlessly and gets into fistfights while his wife is in labour. Instead of submerging us in the pure pathos of its suffering characters, we get a brilliant and black satiric comedy of dancing, skating life on a stage of mattter ice. Kenzaburo Oe was born on January 31, This book from challenges us with whether we can empathize with its lead character, Bird, in the face of disgust over his morality.

Follow Us on Facebook. Bird tries to escape his responsibility for the child and his crumbling relationship with his wife, turning to alcohol and Himiko. This section contains words approx. By the end I came to care for Bird and not judge him too much. As he comes full circle, traversing the seemingly infinite distance between ksnzaburo and sanity, so does the reader.

And then we quickly down pereonal shots of Jose Cuervo. I realized Bird was an untrustworthy narrator, because I only got his perspective and I really had to step outside the book and realize mwtter was not presenting reality, only his warped perception of it. Thus, Bird, seems to possess no redeeming characteristics whatsoever. He is killing time between calling his mother-in-law to check up on the process of the delivery.

In the face of his grotesque tragedy, envisioning his future destroyed, his continuity broken, and freedom denied, Bird goes through a pattern of decline that reveals all the vileness and ugliness of a man. Psrsonal el hecho de no haberlo disfrutado Through the course of the narrative, Oe moves his personal matter subtly with political, social and existential thoughts concerning man’s being, his fear, dread, suffering, alienation, anguish and death.

InOe won the Nobel Prize for Literature.